If you’ve been considering new kitchen or bathroom countertops, you’ve probably done a fair amount of research online. At this point, you’ve probably narrowed down the surfaces you’re considering and have an idea of the colors and patterns you like. Perhaps you’ve even read through an article or two about pre-fab granite — that it’s cheaper and quicker to install than a custom slab. But is the quality on par with a custom slab? We don’t think so.

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Pre-fab granite has been around for years, although its increase in popularity was more recent.

  1. The sections are cut and edge detail is already finished (although, only one side — pre-fab is not an option for kitchen islands and curves). This cuts the fabrication time and cost — passing the savings on to you.
  2. Most pre-fab granite is typically mass produced in China and shipped to the United States. If you decide to go with pre-fab granite, ask about the sourcing. Some suppliers use color enhancers — you’ll want to make sure you check for color inconsistencies in the piece before it is installed in your home. It is offered in limited colors and patterns with one standard edge choice.
  3. Pre-fab granite is cut and seamed onsite — which is why pre-fab granite only works for straight edges. The seams aren’t usually as expert as a custom slab — this is often because those installing aren’t trained professionals with experience in the surface industry. At Preferred Surfaces, our team of professionals have the expertise and experience to install your custom countertops with the highest quality standards.

There are some applications where pre-fab may make more sense — say in a rental house/apartment or a small kitchen or bathroom. That said, for a small surface area, you can often find a high-quality piece of remnant granite at an equivalent price as the pre-fab. But for a multi-unit house or apartment building, the pre-fab granite can save time.


If you’re a home owner, we recommend a custom slab installation.

  • The seams are higher quality
  • You have more choice in regard to color and patterns
  • Pre-fab surfaces are also more prone to cracks, chips and staining.

Your home is your greatest investment — cutting corners to save money can lead to additional expenses later if the bathroom or kitchen countertops need to be repaired or replaced.

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