We love the excitement new customers have when visiting our showroom and manufacturing facility. Our staff are proud of the inventory we carry and are always pleasantly surprised at the number of our customers who travel an hour or more to shop with us. 

So why are people traveling from Pittsburgh, PA, and Clarksburg, WV, to visit Preferred Surfaces for their new countertops? Because we have more inventory than our competition, allowing you to select from 300 to 400 complete slabs of marble, granite and quartz. Unlike big box stores, at Preferred Surfaces you can look at complete slabs before making your decision — not just a tiny sample.

Looking at the complete slab allows you to appreciate the unique veining and patterning in each slab. Read on to learn how to narrow your selection and the questions to ask your sales consultant to maximize your shopping experience.



While you don’t need to make a final decision regarding the surface you want before you visit, we encourage you to learn about each option — granite, quartz, marble, solid surface and soap stone.

Each surface has unique qualities and a unique look — you can download our Countertop Shopping Guide to learn about each and compare. 

It’s also a good idea to have a list of your needs and wants — for example, easy to clean and durable. Beautiful and unique, but also good for baking. Safe for a high traffic area with young children.

Knowing what your home needs and what you want will help our staff show you your best options.



Your countertops are a major purchase, just like a car. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each and take time to talk through each point on your list.

You wouldn’t walk into a car dealership to purchase the first car you see. You’d test drive several models and compare them objectively. We recommend treating your solid surface the same way. This is a purchase that you have to live with for years to come — we want you to be confident in your decision.

If you come in and fall in love with a slab — that’s great. But if you’ve narrowed down your decision to two or three pieces, let us know. We recommend you take photos, review them later the same day and let us know when you’re ready.

At Preferred Surfaces, we’ll never push you to make a decision. We’re here to guide you and answer your questions — not be pushy and aggressive with our customers.



When you visit Preferred Surfaces, one of our experts will help guide you through the selection process. Or, if you’d rather browse by yourself, you’re free to do so. Our stock is housed outside, so you can look at anytime — and take the time you need to browse at your leisure. 

You can see the slabs up close and personal — you can touch each slab, truly getting a feel to each surface. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and give you honest answers. At Preferred, we’re confident and proud of our work — and we have nothing to hide. You can completely customize your slab too — if you like a particular corner or detail, we’ll do our best to make it eminent in your countertop design. For example, if you love a particular vein in a slab of marble, we can make sure it runs through your kitchen island, making it the center of attention.

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If we house 300-400 slabs of natural stone, are we paying attention to the quality? Absolutely. That’s why we’ve been North Central West Virginia’s leading countertop supplier and fabricator for over thirty years.

None of our surfaces are mass produced in China before being shipped to the United States. Some countertop suppliers use color enhancers, which can look uneven. At Preferred, our surfaces are completely natural and hand selected for their unique natural beauty. We source from all over the world, allowing us to select the highest quality surface and be incredibly particular about our inventory.

Preferred Surfaces | Custom Countertops | PA & WV

Many stone fabricators try to reduce costs by using the smallest surface area possible — this creates unsightly seams and irregularities in the surface. We focus on creating seams that are almost undetectable, ensuring that grain and patterns align perfectly. Our high-tech equipment gives our customers a variety of choices that competitors aren’t able to offer, such as unique edges and finishes.

• 30+ years of experience in the solid surface industry
• State-of-the-Art machines and equipment to ensure precision
• 20,000 surfaces installed since 1984
Area leader in precision fabrication and quality installation 

Download our FREE Countertop Shopping Guide and stop by our showroom to check out our selection of granite, marble, quartz and more. No appointment necessary.