You’ve just closed on your new home. It’s perfect — spacious rooms with beautiful natural light, updated flooring, space for the kids to play outside…and then there’s the kitchen countertops. They’re old and worn, making the kitchen look dated and dull.

Thankfully, countertops are easy to upgrade without having to replace your cabinets. At Preferred Surfaces, we have the largest inventory in the region, meaning you can look at the entire slab before making your decision.

Should you change the countertops before you move in? Or after you move in? At Preferred Surfaces, we make the process easy and can install your new surface in a few hours. For that reason, we recommend changing them after you move in. Give it a week or two — that way you can pick a surface that fits your taste. 

A new surface can really elevate the feel of a kitchen, making it feel more modern and clean. However, if the appliances are outdated, the new countertop can stand out and make the date elements (appliances, cabinets, etc.) look even older. Preferred Surfaces can help you make a selection that works with the existing kitchen, not against it.

Read on to learn more about the selection and installation process.



When selecting your countertops, you don’t want to look at a small sample of the surface. You want to look at the actual slabs so you can appreciate the unique colors, details and patterns. At Preferred Surfaces in Morgantown, WV, we take pride in offering the widest selection of natural stone surfaces. 

You are welcome to take time to browse on your own, or if you have questions, one of our certified and trained employees will guide you through our selection. When selecting your countertops, it’s important to know what you need. Is it important the surface be durable? Stain resistant? Or is the aesthetic look and feel the main priority?

We recommend having an idea of the surfaces that you think will best fit your home; however, you don’t need finalize your selection before you visit.





Granite is a durable igneous rock with at least 20% quartz and up to 65% feldspar. It offers a wide variety of colors and stunning natural patterns, making each piece of granite unique.

  • Resistant to heat
  • Resistant to scratching
  • Requires periodic sealing
  • Porous material can be prone to stains
  • Difficult to repair

 Hate the kitchen countertops in your new home? Upgrade to granite!



Marble is a metamorphic rock composed most commonly of calcite or dolomite. It is most commonly white; however, it can be found in black, pink, grey and green.

  • More fragile than Granite
  • Porous material is especially prone to stains and etching
  • Difficult to repair
  • Not recommended for high use applications

Hate the kitchen countertops in your new home? Upgrade to marble!


Quartz Countertops

Quartz is crafted from ground quartz with polyester resins to bind it and pigments for color. It is available in a variety of colors with varying patterns.

  • Non-porous surface makes Quartz highly stain resistant
  • Does not reist blunt-force impact as well as Granite
  • Proloned exposure to high heat can cause damage

Hate the kitchen countertops in your new home? Upgrade to Quartz!


Solid Surface

Solid Surface, first manufactured under the brand name Corian, is composed of acrylic and polyester. As solid surfacing is man-made, there are numerous colors — both solid and with patterning that mimics natural stone.

  • Non-porous and highly stain resistant
  • Scratches and cracks can be repaired
  • Can be damaged by high heat
  • Can crack under blunt force

Hate the kitchen countertops in your new home? Upgrade to solid surface!



Soapstone is a timeless countertop option that darkens with age — it has character, which is what people tend to love about it. Soapstone isn’t for the perfectionist. It isn’t a question of if it will scratch, it’s a question of when (although, scratches can be gently buffed out). But for those who love their soapstone countertop, it’s a reflection of the memories and love created in the kitchen.

  • Very heat resistant
  • Softer stone, meaning it will scratch
  • Requires oiling
  • Doesn’t stain and is resistant to acids like lemon juice

For a detailed comparison checklist, click here.

Love your new home, but hate your countertops? Upgrade to soap stone!



Preferred Surfaces make the installation process easy for you. After you have selected your surface, we will come and take exact measurements of your kitchen. From their, our experts will cut and prepare your surface for installation. You’ll have an installation date, so you can get your old countertops removed. We will come on the same day to install the new surface, meaning you don’t have an extended period of time where you can’t use your kitchen. 

We’ve been doing this for 30+ years — and we think we’ve perfected the process.



After your new countertops are installed, you’ll want to take care of them. Our experienced staff will tell you everything you need to know, although it’s good to remember some general tips to keep your countertops beautiful.

  • Try to avoid abrasive or acidic chemical cleaners.
  • Use cutting boards to prevent knife nicks and scratching.
  • Even if your surface is heat resistant, use a trivet for hot pots and pans.
  • Don’t allow children (or adults) to climb or sit on your countertop.
  • Clean up spills and messes quickly.

For full care guidelines, check our our recent blog on how to clean and care for countertops. 


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If you’re ready to upgrade the countertops in your new house — we’re ready to help you. There’s no need to make an appointment to browse our inventory. Come by during open hours and we’ll take you through our inventory. Or if you’d like to browse on your own, you can come by at your leisure — make sure you download our comparison checklist before you visit!