When you look online for inspiration for your new kitchen (hours of Pinterest, anyone?) it’s easy to get caught up in trends and bold statement looks. While trends are exciting and glamorous, it’s important to remember that it’s not feasible to update your kitchen every few years.

You need a look that is timeless, but brings in current trends in a way that allows for easy updates. Read on for our full list of current kitchen and countertop trends and how you can incorporate them into your kitchen.



As some surfaces have specific properties that make them useful for a specific type of cooking (for example, marble stays cold and is great for bakers), we’re increasingly seeing people mix and match.

Granite throughout the kitchen with a complementary marble slab for baking is a great way to bring the utility and beauty of marble into your kitchen — while enjoying the durability and ease of granite.

We’ve also had customers select a more neutral surface for their countertops, with a surface that completely contrasts for their center island. This bold look is interesting and modern, but isn’t so trendy that it will look dated within a year of installation.

Extra thick countertops are also on-trend this year — it draws attention to the countertop and truly makes it the focal point of your kitchen. Most customers are increasing the thickness of their islands and keeping the rest of the countertops standard thickness. We love this bold look, which we just installed for a family in Clarksburg, WV.

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Iridescent, brightly colored and hand-painted tiles are becoming increasingly popular. We love the look of a bold tile backsplash against a natural stone countertop. But remember — the backspace isn’t that simple to change.

If you follow this trend, you need to make sure you’re going to the love the backsplash several years from now. Sometimes, more permanent features (flooring, countertops and backsplash) are not the best ways to add bold color to your kitchen.

Looking for a less permanent way to add color? Consider your hardware and paint.



Fun, unique hardware is a great way to add personality to your kitchen. It’s easy to change to something more neutral if you tire of it — and it’s easy to take with you if you move.


Contrasting neutral walls with a bold accent color on the main kitchen wall is a great way to add color and personality to a space — without a long-term commitment.



We’re increasingly installing countertops in kitchens with two sinks (for example, in a standard location with a small sink in the island). Our customers like that this brings two main work spaces into the kitchen, allowing for two people to prepare food or for dishes to be washed while vegetables are being prepared.

We installed a kitchen last week in Fairmont, WV — our customer said she would never be able to go back to a kitchen with a single sink!



Lighting can bring a space together — or make it feel cold and disjointed. Track lighting in a kitchen is elegant and functional, allowing you to direct light where you need it.

Over a kitchen sink, a fun pendulum light can add a pop of color and be a point of interest. We’re also seeing a major increase in LED lights — under cabinet, as nightlight along the baseboards and to show off the contents of an open cabinet. Under your cabinet, the light will pick up any metallic flecks or fine details in your countertops, bringing them to life.

They’re energy efficient and emit virtually no heat, so there’s no risk of burning your cabinets. You can also select the hue of your LEDs as they come in a variety of colors — white/blue tones will make a space feel clean and modern while a softer white will bring warmth to the kitchen.



When we first saw a touch-activated faucet in a kitchen in Morgantown, WV, we laughed. But then later the same day, with hands covered in raw chicken — we realized that the touch-activated faucet was brilliant.

Built-in charging stations are a great way to keep cords and plug neat and tidy. We’ve even seen bluetooth speakers built-in — a great way to play music while you’re cooking or entertaining.

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