Recently, Preferred Surfaces has delved into the world of Facebook LIVE, and let us tell you–it’s been fun.

We found it’s an awesome way to engage our audience about the massive collection of 500 slabs of granite we have on any given day of the week.

We will be going LIVE at least twice a month, so read on to see what we will be discussing so you can mark your calendars!


In our very first Facebook Live video, Jim Sweezy, InnerAction Media senior strategist, and Mark Lightner, Preferred Surface’s customer service surface specialist, took our audience through their facility discussing the importance of granite selection.

Here are the key messages that came from our first Facebook LIVE:

  • What’s the difference between a high polished piece of granite and soapstone? Soapstone is matte black, which comes that way and stays that way.
  • Preferred Surfaces has the largest granite inventory in the state of West Virginia.
  • They have installed more than 20,000 kitchen countertops since 1988.
  • Who leads the world in granite exports? Brazil; however, we get our countertops from all over the world.
  • Each piece of granite is unique to the customer because of the uniqueness in the formation.
  • Granite is not high maintenance.
  • Everyone is welcome to come up to Preferred Surface’s facility and walk around, even if we are closed.



June: Cleaning Kitchen Countertops Tutorial

On June 22 at 2 p.m., Preferred Surfaces will be going LIVE. Join Jim Sweezy and Mark Lightner to find out how to clean granite, quartz, marble and solid surface countertops.

In this LIVE session, we’ll be demonstrating the cleaning process on available surfaces and discussing what products to use (such as coconut oil) and what products not to use (such as lemon juice).

July: Budget | Edges and Finishes 

  1. When you’re budgeting for a kitchen or bathroom countertop, it can be exciting as well as overwhelming. In July, we are going to sit down and discuss: 
    • What a kitchen installation budget looks like
    • What a bathroom installation budget looks like
    • What can affect a countertop budget
    • What you should be considering when installing a new countertop

    With the wide selection of countertop choices, we can find something for everyone.

  2. A countertop isn’t the only important thing to be considering though. At the end of July, Preferred Surfaces will discuss all of our available edge options with their pros and cons. Mark will give our audience a tutorial on all edge options and available finishes.

August: Pre-Fab vs Custom Slab 

Last but not least, we want to discuss the differences between pre-fabrication and custom slabs. It’s incredibly important to those of us at Preferred that we get the very best countertop for you and your family.

Preferred Surfaces | Largest Granite Selection in West Virginia

largest granite selection in West Virginia

At Preferred, it’s ALL about selection. And with so many options, it can be hard to decide. We want our audience to feel welcome to come out to our facility and talk with us about the type of countertop
you want. If we’re closed? Still come by and take pictures of the countertops you’re interested in to show us next time you come in.

Can’t wait to see you all on Facebook LIVE!


Want to schedule an appointment with us to talk about the perfect countertop for you?