Your kitchen countertops are old and dated — finally, you’ve made the decision to replace them. While shopping for a beautiful new surface is exciting, it is a major investment. Before you start shopping, read our top five considerations for purchasing new custom countertops.



If you’re remodeling to enhance the appeal of your home to a potential buyer, it’s best to select neutral colors that will appeal to a wider range of people. White cabinets and light woods tend to do well with buyers. If you’re remodeling for yourself, you can make more personal decisions with color and design. That said — consider how the kitchen will look in two, five or ten years. Will your bright countertops and colored cabinets look dated quickly?



  1. When you first visit a showroom, make sure you tell the staff what your current countertop is made from. Different materials can have drastically different weights. You’ll want to make sure your cabinet boxes can support the weight of a new surface, say if you want to upgrade from a laminate countertop to granite — although, this is rarely a problem.
  2. Consider any other changes you may want to make to the space — if you want to upgrade or replace a stone surface, it will be difficult to remove if you later decide to replace the cabinets. You may even find that contractors aren’t willing to remove your surface. While stone is strong and durable when in place, it’s vulnerable to damage when being moved.
  3. Keep in mind that you may also need to replace you sink to fit your new countertop. When the sink is replaced, this almost always means that the faucet will have to be replaced, too. Your installation professional can assess your current sink and tell you if it will work with the new surface. If it won’t, make sure you factor the expense of a new sink, faucet and plumbing work into your budget. 

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If you aren’t remodeling your entire kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to make sure you get a sample of the surfaces you like. The surface will need to work with the color of your existing cabinets, tile and paint. Make sure that you get a decent size for the sample so you can truly assess how the color/pattern looks in your space.



Before you make your final decision, ask if your surface comes with a warranty. It’s important to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Should something happen to your new surface after it’s installed, you need to know where you stand.  



Typically the backsplash will need to be replaced at the same time as the countertop, as the backsplash is mounted above the surface. A standard installation is a 4-inch backsplash with the same material, color and thickness as the countertop. More modern kitchens have tile backsplashes that run from the top of the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinets. A custom fabricator, like Preferred Surfaces, can easily adapt any backsplash height.



Dated appliances can stick out like a sore thumb when new countertops are installed. Consider how the appliances will look with the updated countertop. If you have black appliances, a warm beige-brown countertop will make them stand out. Grey, white or black tones will blend, so the appliances won’t draw attention — keeping the focus on the beautiful new countertop. Stainless steel appliances will match almost anything, but can help capture a metallic detail (such as veining) in your new surface.

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Your contractor will provide you with the best options for your home and help you with any major decisions. At Preferred Surfaces, we use a state-of-the-art system to measure and template your new countertop, ensuring a perfect fit and minimum seams.

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